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Mobile multiplayEr online Games Architecture


In 2004, sponsored by Groupe des Écoles des Télécommunications, MEGA project brought together the following partners: CNAM-CEDRIC, ENST Bretagne, France Telecom Research & Development, INT, Pastagames et Télécom Paris, in order to study mobile multiplayer online games.

MEGA project studied:
  1. Technical issues: Communication middleware (development of a prototype compliant to Open Mobile Alliance's specifications [1,2,3]), communication abstractions (which can be envisaged for multiplayer games [4]), dealing with latency (development of an architecture mixing GPRS communications -high latency- with Bluetooth communications -low latency- [5]), consistency (study of algorithms taking into account mobiles' limited capacities [6]), and databases (study of 3 cluster databases [7]).
  2. Sociological and psychological issues [8]: Mobile games offer new opportunities to the player (They give him the ability to put himself away from the others or to stay present among them). They are a tool for socialisation and appropriation of time (They give him a feeling of mastery). This last point suggests that mobile multiplayer online games can only be appreciated if they take into account player's time constraints.
In addition to the different reports referenced above, a paper [9] and a synthesis [10] are available.

Team members (and origin)

The following persons participated to MEGA project:
Moreover, the following people contributed, in the context of an internship, to the success of this project: Assia Aït-Ali-Slimane, Elise Bathany, Sven Falempin, Eugeniusz Hetmanski, Virginie Lauverjat, Van-Tuan Le, Christine Martin, Romain Pellerin. We want to thank them here.

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NB : All of these Web documents are available in the following Web directory: http://bscw.enst-bretagne.fr/pub/bscw.cgi/0/2731016

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